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Loja Salon Spa holistic facials provide recovery for the skin and body. Recovery begins with a consultation. Your spa specialist will design a treatment addressing your concerns, allowing you to achieve balance and restore your skin. We address a variety of skin concerns ranging from dryness to sensitivity to oiliness.  Our facials also address premature aging and wrinkles with attention to products that provide hydration and rejuvenation. Your holistic treatment will include massage and rituals coupled with techniques and suggestions to keep your skin and body glowing from the inside out.

Beautifying Facial

50 minutes......$75

The facial enhances the classic beauty within your skin. A deep, cleansing facial using steam, toning, skin analysis, and exfoliation to restore the skins  natural texture. Our signature treatment also includes a botanical masque, extractions and a relaxing shoulder, neck, and facial massage, releasing toxins and clarifying the skin, leaving it gorgeous and refreshed.

Beautifying Spa Facial

65 minutes......$85

Sit back and indulge in our replenishing facial coupled with the beneficial therapeutic benefits of  an enhanced massage and tension releasing hand, foot, and scalp massage. The spa facial and body therapy will leave your face and skin moisturized and refreshed. You will look and feel like a million dollars!

Renew and Lift

(Anti-Aging facial)

65 minutes......$95

Minimize lines and wrinkles and replenish skin with Aveda's Green Science and Skin renewing Treatment and Perfecting Plant Peel. Innovative botanically derived products and hands on approach reduces appearance of fine lines and decreases pore size while significantly increasing a youthful radiance. Our facial incorporates a rejuvenating massage with proven anti aging techniques. Renew and lift creates a youthful glow with less redness and irritation then microdermabrasion. We guarantee you will look and feel renewed and refreshed.

Smooth and Glow

(Refining Facial)

50 minutes......$75

All the benefits of microdermabrasion minus the harsh side affects. This facial was designed for normal to dry skin, harnessing the power of tourmaline to drastically improve the skin. This treatment will create soft, supple, glowing  skin. The facial is ideal for flaky, dry, or congested skin types. You will look and feel revived with a radiant glow that will light up a room.

Purify and Calm

(Anti-Acne Facial)

50 minutes......$75

Leave the stress of problematic skin at the door. This deep cleansing facial is purifying and detoxifying. A skin analysis will help you and your Esthetician determine what lifestyle choices could be affecting your skin. Then, your Esthetician will apply a professional clay masque to draw impurities out of your skin. An outer peace calming masque will finish your skin treatment, helping your skin to feel, happy, soothed and refreshed. Enjoy the beauty of flawless skin

Enhance your beauty and health with an upgrade

Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel


The Aveda perfecting peel facial masque is clinically proven to retexturize and exfoliate skin creating a smooth radiant complexion. The peel has all the benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the irritation and redness associated with the harsher treatment. The Aveda perfecting peel can be added to any facial(excluding Purify and Calm.) The treatment is guaranteed to perfect your facial with smooth, toned skin.

Eye Zone Treatment


This amazing treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, dryness and under eye puffiness. The facial massage utilizes lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques rejuvenating the fragile areas of your under eye skin. The treatment can also be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of allergies, sinus congestion, headaches and migraines. Can be added to any facial or as an express service. Open your eyes to a refreshing eye treatment.